Dillon The Keeper Of Time

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Dillon The Keeper Of Time

Post  DillButt64 on Mon Dec 08, 2008 4:04 pm

Name:Dillon The Keeper Of Time
Weight:160 pounds
Appearance:long white hair and grey eyes, wears black light armor and has a whistle neck less that is brown that has been handed down from my family for generations, i wear 2 watches one has an hourglass and the other has one of those shadow clocks
Pet Species:Giant Caterpillar(didnt see that coming)
Pet Name: Cater
Pet Appearance:
I met my pet in my mothers garden and i feed him and he grew to large proportions
History: i am a warrior that has figured out his powers to control time
Personality: i can be serious at times but i am mostly the one making jokes and getting hurt and i am normally the last to notice anything important
(kinda like that but less evil looking...the axe thing)
Abilities: i can control time which makes me hard to fight and i can slow down anything and speed up anything and my caterpillar can shrink whenever he wants to and can stick to walls making him a good spy


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